Our mission

To provide global users with reliable, durable, green and environmentally friendly high-quality generator set products and overall solutions.

Our vision

Become a globally trusted, unique value, world-class leading brand enterprise for generating units.


Years of Experience

WAGNA, an international and professional power solution brand, has been focusing on industrial engine research and development to supply reliable, durable, and environmental power solutions for global users.

WAGNA is specialized in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of engine, alternator, control system and generator sets. In the field of diesel generators. WAGNA D-series products provides power solutions for different kinds of power supply needs, including building construction, medical institution, road transport, industrial, oil exploration, mining, telecommunication, national defense, outdoor engineering etc. With capability of 120% overload. Wagna provides more possibilities for future expanding and stabilities of performance.

In the industry of gasoline portable generator. WAGNA M series meets the world's strictest quality standards, such as CE, UL, etc, It well satisfies the demands of government, enterprise, family, farms in different countries for a variety of application. Because of its reliability, convenience and economy, it is also widely used in residential emergency, outdoor construction, etc.

In the field of new energy for gas power generation. WAGNA G series are devoted to developing and applying for renewable energy such as biomass gas, biogas, coal seam gas, petroleum gas and natural gas, and other clean energy, so that WAGNA products can provide a wide range of services in oil and gas exploration, coal mining, agricultural production, animal husbandry, landfills, kitchen waste, urban sewage treatment, etc. WAGNA gas generator sets are ranged from 20KVA to 4000KVA, and also provide optional services for CHP and a whole series of ancillary engineering services,

"Provide reliable, durable, high-quality power generation products and serve to our users worldwide” is Wagna's mission. Wagna will make continuous efforts to create a safe and reliable electricity environment for the world.

German craftsmanship

exclusive patented technologies

The trusted choice of leading companies in the industry


Do cool things and create a safe and reliable electricity environment for the world. If you also want to, please visit the "Join Us" page, or send us your resume via the following method: hr@wagna.com