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Livestock breeding

In recent years, as the animal husbandry industry has gradually transformed from decentralized farming to large-scale farming, it has the advantages of high output and high profit, but it also brings high energy consumption. WAGNA has customized professional solutions for the breeding industry. plan...

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Brick and Building Materials

China's sintered brick and tile industry is entering a historically important period of transformation and has entered a stage of rapid development. The typical characteristics of this stage of development are: industrial solid waste such as shale, coal gangue and fly ash (including some iron and steel industry Solid waste, tailings, river and lake silt) are fully utilized; the traditional natural drying and wheel kiln firing production method is about to complete its historical mission and will be replaced by tunnel kilns...

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Metal smelting

The high demand for electricity and rising energy costs have become a huge challenge for the current steel industry. The free exhaust gas generated in the steel production process can be used as a very attractive energy source for efficient power generation. In addition to economic benefits, using these waste gas as fuel can effectively reduce industrial carbon dioxide emissions while reducing the use of fossil energy. WAGNA provides you with professional waste gas power generation solutions.

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Cold chain transportation

At present, the applicable commodities of cold chain logistics are generally divided into three categories: one is primary agricultural products, including vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, flowers, etc.; the other is processed food, such as quick-frozen food, meat, and aquatic products. , Cooked food, ice cream and dairy products, etc.; the third is special commodities, such as medicines and vaccines. Compared with traditional logistics, cold chain logistics has higher technical requirements in every link, and capital investment is also greater. It has become a key field supported by the state. The core of cold chain logistics is not completely "cold", but "constant temperature", because different products require different storage temperatures...

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Wen's Pig Farm | Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture

Farming waste to generate electricity

Pig farm expansion project The company invested more than 500,000 yuan to build a biogas digester and purchase equipment such as gas storage tanks and generator sets in the construction of the beautiful ranch. The biogas produced by the company’s farming wastewater can generate more than 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day...

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Brick and building materials | Diesel power generation

Pingfu Town Environmental Protection Building Material Factory Project

The project of Pingfu Town Environmental Protection Building Material Factory is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of various types of stone-like paint, min crystal stone-like paint and imitation stone paint in Foshan, Guangdong. The company has production equipment and testing equipment, and a professional research team. Developed various coating products...

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Landfill | Gas Power Generation

Guangdong Foshan Municipal Waste Treatment Project

The Foshan Municipal Waste Treatment Project in Guangdong is to set up a waste transfer station between the waste production area (or concentration location) and the treatment plant in order to reduce the transportation cost of waste removal and transportation. Here, the garbage collected from each collection point will be collected and transported to the disposal site...

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Commercial Concrete | Diesel Power Generation

Zhongshan Asphalt Concrete Project

Zhongshan Asphalt Concrete Co., Ltd. has more than 30 mixer trucks and two production lines in Guangzhou. With the expansion of the market and the increasing output, the existing mains load can no longer meet the company's normal production needs. If it is not resolved, the lack of power will directly lead to a decline in the company's production capacity and lower efficiency...

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Real estate construction | Diesel power generation

Country Garden Real Estate Development Project

Country Garden Real Estate Development Project Country Garden’s new real estate project in Guangdong, headquartered in Shunde District, Foshan City...

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Poultry Industry | Diesel Power Generation

Poultry Industry Project in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

The poultry industry project in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province is a professional agricultural company that specializes in free-range chicken breeding and sales. It has a professional breeding sales team and technical teachers. It covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 acres. A rural chicken breeding cooperative was established in 2009. There are more than 1,000 farmers below...

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Our latest news

WAGNA Brand Operation Center

Warmly celebrate the official opening of WAGNA China Brand Operation Headquarters!

Make every effort to improve and innovate continuously; build a brand through hard work and hard work!

Since its establishment in 2014, Guangdong WAGNA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid development in just a few years under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Xueliang. The company has gone from a single DC diesel series to an upgraded DL series diesel engine. They all cover different configurations such as common type and spare type to meet the requirements of customers in a variety of working conditions. In recent years, the dual-control pest-proof diesel generator set and the commercial concrete generator set that have been newly launched for the industry environment in recent years will undoubtedly create greater value for customers while continuously improving its product strength and enriching its product line. And win the support and trust of more and more customers. While the company's products continue to be enriched, the company's strategic layout is also being adjusted, in order to adapt to...

WAGNA Brick & Tile Exhibition

Participated in the 23rd International Wall and Roofing Material Technology Exchange Conference

On November 13, the "2020 23rd International Wall and Roofing Material Technology Exchange Conference and Production Equipment Expo" officially kicked off in Shaoxing. This expo is organized by the National Wall Materials Science and Technology Information Network, "Bricks and Tiles" Magazine, the Housing Construction Materials Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society, the Intelligent and Equipment Technology Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society, the China Wall and Roofing Materials Development Center, and the National Building Materials Co-sponsored by the Industrial Wall and Roofing Material Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center, many brick and tile building materials companies will jointly explore new business opportunities during the exhibition in the next few days. This time WAGNA brought the newly developed dual-control system generator set to the expo, docking with many purchasing entrepreneurs, sharing development and creating more new opportunities...

WAGNA contributes to the fight against the new crown epidemic

Charity sale to pass on love, caring for medical care" The plague is ruthless, and people are affectionate, generator sets are sold for charity, and love is dedicated

From February 21st to May 21st, the charity charity sale activity of "Charity Passing Love, Caring for Medical Care" started. WAGNA Power System invites you to help prevent and control the epidemic and pay tribute to all frontline medical workers in the fight against the epidemic! WAGNA Power System has launched an online and offline charity sale. For all generator sets sold during the event, WAGNA Power System will donate 1,000 yuan/unit as a donation. After the charity sale is over, WAGNA Power System will give this donation to the families of medical workers who have sacrificed their lives in support of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hubei. This charity sale will be notarized by the Foshan Notary Public Office...

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