Power Solutions For The Cold Chain Industry

WAGNA has 15 years of experience in the cold chain power industry and is well aware of customers' needs for the durability and reliability of standby power supplies.

Industry Status

At present, the applicable commodities of cold chain logistics are generally divided into three categories: one is primary agricultural products, including vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, flowers, etc.; the other is processed food, such as quick-frozen food, meat, and aquatic products. , Cooked food, ice cream and dairy products, etc.; the third is special commodities, such as medicines and vaccines. Compared with traditional logistics, cold chain logistics has higher technical requirements in every link, and capital investment is also greater. It has become a key field supported by the state. The core of cold chain logistics is not completely "cold", but "constant temperature", because different products require different storage temperatures.

WAGNA generates electricity for cold storage and solves the hidden dangers of cold storage storageWAGNA generates electricity for refrigerated vehicles with low fuel consumption and high stabilityWAGNA prepares electricity for the fresh-keeping cabinets in supermarkets, which is reliable and safe to start after power failure.

Why do I need a generator set?

Because the cold storage stores a large amount of vegetables, fruits or other high value-added products, once the power is cut off, the cold storage refrigeration equipment will stop working, causing the temperature in the cold storage to rise and the poor air circulation will cause major losses. WAGNA has served many fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, vaccines or other types of cold storage customers, and knows the importance of electricity to the industry. In winter, apples in North China, such as Yantai, will be placed in cold storage to maintain their value, and in southern China and other regions, many seafood and meat will also be placed in cold storage. For users with cold storage, WAGNA recommends that you must be equipped with a diesel generator set as an emergency backup power source.

WAGNA contributes to medical refrigeration, continuous steady flow without temperature differenceWAGNA 300kw diesel generator setWAGNA is committed to the fresh and frozen industry

Innovative Technology

  • Remote cloud monitoring
    WAGNA Cloud monitoring system realizes remote control unit for customers
  • Alternator
    WAGNA brand generator
  • Patent auxiliary circuit
    WAGNA Patented Auxiliary Circuit

Related Products

WAGNA 120kw gas generator set

Gas Generator Set

WAGNA gas engine adopts first-class design and processing technology, so that G series gas generator set has a high degree of stability and durability; it is a product specially developed to meet the special needs of small and medium-sized farmers and farmers and other economic customers. The series has the advantages of economy, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, and cheap maintenance. It is widely used all over the world.

WAGNA 300kw diesel generator set

Diesel Generator Sets

WAGNA is committed to providing users with diesel generator sets with higher reliability. In accordance with this requirement, WAGNA implements strict product standards to cope with harsher environmental conditions, thereby better satisfying users' needs for reliable power generation in situations such as standby and main continuous power generation.

WAGNA special accessories collection

Special accessories

In addition to designing industry-specific generator sets for various industries, Wagnai also designs corresponding accessory products according to the characteristics of Wagnai units, simplifying the maintenance process and greatly extending the service life of the unit.