WAGNA Brand Operation Center

Warmly celebrate the official opening of WAGNA China Brand Operation Headquarters!

Make every effort to govern and innovate continuously; build a brand through hard work and hard work!

Since its establishment in 2014, Guangdong WAGNA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid development in just a few years under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Xueliang. The company has gone from a single DC diesel series to an upgraded DL series diesel engine. They all cover different configurations such as common type and spare type to meet the requirements of customers in a variety of working conditions. In recent years, the dual-control pest-proof diesel generator set and the commercial concrete generator set that have been newly launched for the industry environment in recent years will undoubtedly create greater value for customers while continuously improving its product strength and enriching its product line. And win the support and trust of more and more customers. While the company's products continue to enrich, the company's strategic layout is also being adjusted. In order to adapt to the company's booming momentum, it will be convenient for the company to better focus on the country in future development to lay out its development strategy and enhance the company's overall competitiveness. To enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees, WAGNA China moved its brand operation headquarters to Shunde Beijiao Center, adjacent to Midea, Country Garden and other groups. At the same time, the factory will focus more on product production, use more professional services, and be safer and more reliable. The quality of the products will be given back to the majority of users.

WAGNA invited to participate in the brick and tile exhibition

Heavy! Wagnai brought dual-control generator sets to the Brick & Tile Expo

On November 13, the "2020 23rd International Wall and Roofing Material Technology Exchange Conference and Production Equipment Expo" officially kicked off in Shaoxing. This expo is organized by the National Wall Materials Science and Technology Information Network, "Bricks and Tiles" Magazine, the Housing Construction Materials Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society, the Intelligent and Equipment Technology Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society, the China Wall and Roofing Materials Development Center, and the National Building Materials Co-sponsored by the Industrial Wall and Roofing Material Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center, many brick and tile building materials companies will jointly explore new business opportunities during the exhibition in the next few days. This time, WAGNA brought the newly developed dual-control system generator set to the expo, docking with many purchasing entrepreneurs, sharing development and creating more new opportunities.

WAGNA held an annual gala in 19 years

Warm congratulations on the successful convening of WAGNA's 2019 annual meeting

At 6 pm on January 4, 2020, Guangdong WAGNA Power Technology Co., Ltd.'s 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting was held at the Sovereign Hotel in Guangdong. Focusing on the theme of the annual meeting of "New Journey, New Starting Point", more than 100 people, including the company's chairman, executives, guest representatives, all company employees and their family members, gathered together to summarize the glorious achievements in the past and plan the future development layout. The annual meeting kicked off with the majestic and passionate tunes, demonstrating the development history of WAGNA Power Technology in 2019 with hard work and continuous progress to achieve impressive results.