At 6 pm on January 4, 2020, Guangdong WAGNA Power Technology Co., Ltd.'s 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting was held at the Sovereign Hotel in Guangdong. Focusing on the theme of the annual meeting of "New Journey, New Starting Point", more than 100 people, including the company's chairman, executives, guest representatives, all company employees and their family members, gathered together to summarize the glorious achievements in the past and plan the future development layout. The annual meeting kicked off with the majestic and passionate tunes, demonstrating the development history of WAGNA Power Technology in 2019 with hard work and continuous progress to achieve impressive results.

Subsequently, General Manager Zhang Xueliang came to the stage to give a wonderful congratulatory speech at the annual meeting. In summarizing the achievements of WAGNA, Zhang Xueliang first affirmed that every employee of the company will stick to their position and do their job responsibilities in 2019, and he has named and praised the outstanding employees of the company, playing a good role as a model leader. ; But at the same time, it also pointed out that the current situation of China's generator set industry is changing and the situation is constant. There are both opportunities and challenges, and all of our employees need to take it seriously.

When talking about the company's development plan for 2020, Zhang Xueliang, the general manager, clearly hopes to encourage everyone in the following eight words: down-to-earth, hard work! All achievements and glory must come from hard work. Only by being down-to-earth can we win step by step; working hard will show the true qualities of Wagnai people. After the banquet officially began, the WAGNA people showed off their strengths and brought us a splendid visual and auditory feast. In order to thank WAGNA's employees and their families for their long-term support and feast their eyes on it, we have also prepared generous prizes so that the participants can get a small amount and feel WAGNA's gratitude to them. In addition, WAGNA also prepared elaborate gifts, hats with WAGNA's LOGO, desk calendars, etc. for every attendee.

Finally, General Manager Zhang Xueliang and all the cast and crew of Guangdong WAGNA Power Technology Co., Ltd. sang "I Love My Motherland" together on stage. At this point, WAGNA Power Technology's 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting ended successfully with the warm and unchanging singing.

WAGNA held an annual gala in 19 years
industris Chairman of WAGNA Zhang Xueliang