From February 21st to May 21st, the charity charity sale activity of "Charity Passing Love, Caring for Medical Care" started. WAGNA Power System invites you to help prevent and control the epidemic, and pay tribute to all front-line medical workers in the fight against the epidemic!

WAGNA Power System has launched an online and offline charity sale. For all generator sets sold during the event, WAGNA Power System will donate 1,000 yuan per unit. After the charity sale is over, WAGNA Power System will give this donation to the families of medical workers who have sacrificed their lives in support of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hubei. This charity sale will be notarized by the Foshan Notary Public Office.

"The charity sale conveys love and care for medical care", we look forward to everyone actively participating in this charity sale. Because of you, the charity sale is even more loving! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your kind deeds! There are tens of thousands of families in a country, and there is a family if there is a country. As long as all of us Chinese are united and overcome the difficulties together, we will be able to win the battle against the virus in an all-round way!

Fight the epidemic with one heart, you and me, and dedication can protect our homeland for survival! Let's cheer for the medical care, cheer for the retrograde! We sincerely invite caring customers to participate together, and you will get a list of love issued by WAGNA Power System, together with WAGNA's love certificate and donation certificate.

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