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Pingfu Town Re-Environmental Protection Building Material Factory Project

  • customer: Pingfu Town Re-Environmental Protection Building Material Factory Project
  • equipment: 600KW WAGNA Diesel Generator Set
  • date: 2015
  • area: Foshan, Guangdong

Project Description

Pingfu Town Zai Environmental Protection Building Materials Factory project is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of various types of stone-like paints, min crystal stone-like paints, and imitation stone paints in Foshan, Guangdong. The company has production equipment and testing equipment, and a professional research team. Developed various coating products! And select high-quality domestic and foreign raw materials for production. In order to reduce the risk of power failure, after consideration, it was decided to purchase a WAGNA diesel generator set.



The project development team of WAGNA Power Company provided a 600KW diesel generator set for the project. The power supply for building materials processing is very unstable, and reliable backup units are required to provide protection. The DL660W-50 provided by our company is the most advanced and reliable The products, as the supporting power supply for its building materials market, also provide complete supervision and installation, after-sales service, and technical training.

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  • After the building materials factory was equipped with a backup power supply, the worries about the future were greatly reduced, and the production capacity achieved a substantial increase.
  • The high intelligence, low energy consumption, environmental protection and reliability provided by Wagna Power have been recognized and praised by customers.

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