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WAGNA 2000W gasoline generator

Model: W2000

Use WAGNA's W2000 gasoline generator to keep all your necessary electric drive equipment in normal operation. The WAGNA generator sets manufactured in our factory are easy to maintain and have extremely high durability. We test each generator set in a state-of-the-art laboratory before sending it out, so you can rest assured that they will always reliably provide you with the power you need.

WAGNA is one of the most reliable generator set suppliers among domestic independent brands. For fifteen years, WAGNA has designed and manufactured diesel, gas generator sets and small gasoline generators to meet any application requirements.

Features and advantages of WAGNA 2000W gasoline generator

  • WAGNA equips the generator set with high-sealed insect-proof nets to avoid damage to the generator set due to insect bites, prolong the service life of the generator set and reduce potential safety hazards

    Smart panel

    The intelligent panel displays real-time operating conditions and fault prompts of the unit to
    avoid losses caused by unexpected shutdowns.

  • The dual control system carefully developed by WAGNA prevents the unit from being scrapped due to damage to the control system and reduces the failure rate in emergencies

    OHV engine

    The powerful OHV engine provides efficient combustion, effectively uses fuel, and
    reduces exhaust gas distribution and noise pollution.

  • All copper radiators are used in WAGNA generator sets to improve the heat dissipation performance of the unit, reduce potential safety hazards, and improve the stability of the unit’s power generation

    All copper radiator

    It is made of all copper at 50°C, so that the unit
    can still operate normally regardless of whether it is outdoors or in an indoor high temperature environment with a temperature of 45°C.

  • WAGNA equipped the generator set with a new fire extinguisher to reduce potential safety hazards

    Standard fire extinguishing equipment

    WAGNA is equipped with professional fire extinguishing equipment at random, allowing customers
    to effectively eliminate the danger in the cradle when encountering a sudden fire.

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WAGNA has carefully designed backup power solutions for livestock breeding, aquaculture, brick and tile building materials, metal smelting, commercial concrete mixing plants and other places.

Gas Generator Set

In addition to diesel generator sets, WAGNA also provides self-developed and designed gas generator sets, which can realize the triple supply of cooling, heating and power, reducing your electricity costs.