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WAGNA Water Pump

Model: W50ZB28-3.6Q

Use WAGNA's pumps to maintain all your necessary water flow. The WAGNA pumps manufactured in our factory are easy to maintain and extremely durable. We test each pump in a state-of-the-art laboratory before sending it out, so you can rest assured that they will always reliably provide you with the electricity you need.

WAGNA is one of the most reliable generator set suppliers among domestic independent brands. For fifteen years, WAGNA has designed and manufactured diesel, gas generator sets and small gasoline generators to meet any application requirements.

Characteristics and advantages of WAGNA pumps

  • Pump body structure

    The new pump body structure design
    effectively improves the service life

  • Pump body support

    The reinforced pump body support base
    has a firm structure, making it more reliable to use

  • Anti-twist ring

    The patented anti-wrap ring and turbine cover positioning pin
    test clean water pump has the function of a sewage pump.

  • Water pump interface

    The user-friendly design of the pump interface structure
    is easier to install

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WAGNA has carefully designed backup power solutions for livestock breeding, aquaculture, brick and tile building materials, metal smelting, commercial concrete mixing plants and other places.

Gas Generator Set

In addition to diesel generator sets, WAGNA also provides self-developed and designed gas generator sets, which can realize the triple supply of cooling, heating and power, reducing your electricity costs.