Power solutions for metal smelting industry

WAGNA has 15 years of experience in the metal smelting industry and understands the needs of customers for the durability and reliability of standby power supplies.

Industry Status

The high demand for electricity and rising energy costs have become a huge challenge for the current steel industry. The free waste gas generated in the steel production process can be used as a very attractive energy source for efficient power generation. In addition to economic benefits, using these waste gas as fuel can effectively reduce industrial carbon dioxide emissions while reducing the use of fossil energy.

Why do I need a generator set?

In the steel production process, a large amount of special gas is generally produced. In three different process stages, three different gases are produced: coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas.

The composition of coke oven gas is stable, which is very advantageous as a fuel for gas-fired generator sets. However, the hydrogen content in coke oven gas is very high, which means that its burning speed will be very fast, which increases the risk of knocking and flashback. The amount of blast furnace gas produced is often relatively large, but because of its low calorific value, it is difficult to burn. The converter gas burns slowly, and it contains a lot of harmful gas carbon monoxide.

The composition, calorific value and combustion effect characteristics of these gases put forward high requirements for the design of gas-fired generator sets. Based on simulation tests and on-site long-term verification, WAGNA has developed and provided corresponding improved gas-fired generator sets for these fuels. These gases can be used to efficiently generate electricity and heat at the same time for use by steel production enterprises.

Key data

On average, for every ton of coke produced, approximately 470 cubic meters of coke oven gas is produced. 60% of the gas needs to be used by other processes in production, and the remaining part of the gas can be used by the WAGNA gas generator set to generate nearly 400kWh of electricity.

The LD method (oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking method) can produce nearly 50 cubic meters of converter gas per ton of steel. This part of the gas can be used by the Wagna gas generator set to produce about 50kWh of electricity.
Using a blast furnace to produce one ton of iron can produce nearly 1,000 cubic meters of blast furnace gas, and the Wagna gas generator set uses this part of the gas to generate nearly 180kWh of electricity.

Innovative Technology

  • Remote cloud monitoring
    WAGNA Cloud monitoring system realizes remote control unit for customers
  • Alternator
    WAGNA brand generator
  • Patent auxiliary circuit
    WAGNA Patented Auxiliary Circuit

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WAGNA gas engine adopts first-class design and processing technology, so that G series gas generator set has a high degree of stability and durability; it is a product specially developed to meet the special needs of small and medium-sized farmers and farmers and other economic customers. The series has the advantages of economy, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, and cheap maintenance. It is widely used all over the world.

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Special accessories

In addition to designing industry-specific generator sets for various industries, Wagnai also designs corresponding accessory products according to the characteristics of Wagnai units, simplifying the maintenance process and greatly extending the service life of the unit.