Power Solutions For Aquaculture Industry

WAGNA has 15 years of experience in the animal husbandry industry and knows the needs of customers for the durability and reliability of standby power supplies.

Industry Status

As the saying goes, "people regard food as their heaven". As a more important source of meat, my country's animal husbandry industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Statistics show that in 2014, the output value of my country's animal husbandry reached 2.9 trillion yuan, and its proportion in the leading industry-agriculture surpassed planting for the first time, becoming the leading industry in agriculture (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline, and fishery). . The income from directly engaging in livestock and poultry breeding accounted for 1/6 of the cash income of agricultural households. In 2016, my country’s grain production had another bumper harvest, and the production situation of animal husbandry was basically stable. The output of the three major livestock products, pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry meat reached 83.64 million Ton. Relevant sources believe that in the future, with the continuous development of my country's economy and society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the animal husbandry industry will face a relatively stable period of development.

Why do I need a generator set?

Emergency backup

When the traditional aquaculture industry expands, mechanized batch operations need to be added. Feed processing, breeding equipment, and ventilation and cooling equipment are all mechanized. The use of mechanical equipment determines that the demand for electricity in the aquaculture industry cannot be interrupted. In addition to the normal power supply from the mains, it is also necessary to consider the configuration of a diesel generator set as a backup power source.

The most important thing in the breeding process is ventilation and cooling. The high temperature in summer makes the relatively closed breeding space higher in temperature. Once the power is cut off, all equipment and machinery will stop working. First of all, high temperature and poor ventilation will occur. When there is no diesel generator set to provide enough power for the ventilation and cooling equipment to continue to work, the animals will suffer serious problems of group deaths and injuries due to the high temperature. The losses caused by these situations are far greater than the cost of configuring a diesel generator set. There are many, therefore, the use of diesel generator sets as a backup power source for breeding companies is a priority for breeding companies.


Realization of high-efficiency combined heat and power
can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Provide another way to treat livestock solid and liquid manure and biological waste. At the same time, they
can be used as high-quality agricultural organic fertilizers to replace the residues in traditional fuel fermentation tanks. This kind of organic fertilizer has a high PH value, eliminates acidity, is rich in nutrients and has almost no odor

Engineering construction and implementation

Wagnai follows the principles of low operating cost, low energy consumption, safety and durability, and combines the user's situation and needs, carries out scientific engineering design, and makes a program suitable for the user.

Use mature process routes to safely and efficiently carry out project construction, and conduct comprehensive inspection, commissioning and start-up trial operation of the entire system, and then deliver it to users after comprehensive acceptance.

Technical support:
Provide users with technical support such as daily management and maintenance guidelines; formulate emergency response procedures and methods for accidents such as fire alarms, gas leaks, explosions, natural disasters, etc.; regularly check biogas storage and pipeline systems, fire-fighting facilities, generator sets, etc. The good condition of the equipment ensures the continuous operation of the project.

Innovative Technology

  • Remote cloud monitoring
    WAGNA Cloud monitoring system realizes remote control unit for customers
  • Alternator
    WAGNA brand generator
  • Patent auxiliary circuit
    WAGNA Patented Auxiliary Circuit

Related Products

Gas Generator Set

WAGNA gas engine adopts first-class design and processing technology, so that G series gas generator set has a high degree of stability and durability; it is a product specially developed to meet the special needs of small and medium-sized farmers and farmers and other economic customers. The series has the advantages of economy, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, and cheap maintenance. It is widely used all over the world.

Diesel Generator Sets

WAGNA is committed to providing users with diesel generator sets with higher reliability. In accordance with this requirement, WAGNA implements strict product standards to cope with harsher environmental conditions, thereby better satisfying users' needs for reliable power generation in situations such as standby and main continuous power generation.

Special accessories

In addition to designing industry-specific generator sets for various industries, Wagnai also designs corresponding accessory products according to the characteristics of Wagnai units, simplifying the maintenance process and greatly extending the service life of the unit.