Power Solutions For Brick and Tile Industry

WAGNA has 15 years of experience in the brick and tile building materials industry and knows the needs of customers for the durability and reliability of standby power supplies.

Industry Status

China's sintered brick and tile industry is entering a historically important period of transformation and has entered a stage of rapid development. The typical characteristics of this stage of development are: industrial solid waste such as shale, coal gangue and fly ash (including some iron and steel industry Solid waste, tailings, rivers and lakes silt) are fully utilized; the traditional natural drying and wheel kiln firing production method is about to complete its historical mission and will be replaced by tunnel kilns; automatic billet stacking equipment (automated mechanical stacking machine (And robots) the leading automatic blanking process is widely accepted; two-stage vacuum extruders of type 60 and above have become the mainstream of forming equipment; the flue gas purification treatment of sintered brick and tile factories has received general attention; porous bricks, hollow bricks, and thermal insulation Insulation hollow blocks, decorative bricks, and decorative hanging boards are related products that lead the industry toward a healthy direction. Multi-functional sintered hollow products have become the mainstream direction of product structure adjustment; New substantial breakthroughs have been made in the development of "frame equipment and drying system", which provides technical support and guarantee for the production of high-end decorative bricks and thermal insulation blocks.

Why do I need a generator?

On the one hand, since the reform and opening up, infrastructure construction across the country has developed rapidly, the demand for building materials has increased greatly, and the supply of brick and tile products is in short supply. In order to meet market needs, various brick and tile factories have adopted automated equipment for production, such as mains failures and brick and tile factories. Due to the suspension of production and the delay of the construction period, the default economic loss will be caused. On the other hand, the raw materials of bricks and tiles are mostly easily solidified objects such as clay and cement. If the equipment is stopped and the setting time is missed, the solidification of the raw materials on the production line will cause waste and equipment damage. Finally, brick and tile factories are large consumers of electricity, and some areas will impose restrictions on electricity consumption.

Innovative Technology

  • Remote cloud monitoring
    WAGNA Cloud monitoring system realizes remote control unit for customers
  • Alternator
    WAGNA brand generator
  • Patent auxiliary circuit
    WAGNA Patented Auxiliary Circuit

Related Products

Gas Generator Set

WAGNA gas engine adopts first-class design and processing technology, so that G series gas generator set has a high degree of stability and durability; it is a product specially developed to meet the special needs of small and medium-sized farmers and farmers and other economic customers. The series has the advantages of economy, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, and cheap maintenance. It is widely used all over the world.

Diesel Generator Sets

WAGNA is committed to providing users with diesel generator sets with higher reliability. In accordance with this requirement, WAGNA implements strict product standards to cope with harsher environmental conditions, thereby better satisfying users' needs for reliable power generation in situations such as standby and main continuous power generation.

Special accessories

In addition to designing industry-specific generator sets for various industries, Wagnai also designs corresponding accessory products according to the characteristics of Wagnai units, simplifying the maintenance process and greatly extending the service life of the unit.